Weston Shopping Center
190 Weston Road
Weston, Connecticut 06883
Weston Shopping CenterWeston Shopping CenterWeston Shopping Center

Located on Route 57 in the beautiful town of Weston, Connecticut, the shopping center, also referred to as simply "the Center", has served for over 65 years as the focal point for the everyday life of the community. All of the basic and immediate needs of the residents of Weston can be met here, whether the requirement is for groceries, prepared food, pharmaceuticals, hardware, spirits, automobile fuel and service, sit-in breakfast and lunch, real estate and insurance, or banking and postal services.

Our community picnic area is located at the north end of the property. Meet a friend or neighbor for a sit-down luncheon, or grab a sandwich, ice cream or beverage and enjoy them outside in the fresh air. Bring your own refreshment if you'd like and join your neighbors for friendly conversation under the shade of our oak and maple trees.

Weston Shopping Center